About Best Team

Best Team is a Youth Community Center that works with Employers and Sponsors to help Summer Work and Travel students get the most from their summer in the United States of America. We are providing an Added Value Service for every J1 Students.

We help students with:
  • Airport pickup from New York City and Washington DC
  • Assistance in finding housing
  • Social Security transportation and assistance
  • Bike sale and rental
  • Trips
  • International Sim Cards with best international rates


We know from our own experience that travelling for the first time, especially in the USA, can be a situation of enormous stress for all SWT participants, mostly in the first days after the arrival.

The stress may occur from leaving a familiar social context and all cultural habits, from entering a new country, and culture and language. The first step you have to take when arriving in the USA is finding transportation to get to your employer.

BestTeam provides airport pickup from two major airports on the East Coast in cooperation with

Summer Housing:

BestTeam understands that a proper accommodation is one of the main factors that can make or break your stay in the US, that's why we developed the housing assistance department that has grown into one of the largest and most effective services that we provide at the moment.

Book your housing for summer 2016 online:

How many friends are coming with you?

Special preferences:

International SimCards

Ask your BestTeam manager for advice at : lyca@bestteam.cc

     Until you will be totally set in USA, you will need a Mobile Phone Number with lower fees or even for free, to be in touch with everyone locally and with your relatives from your home country. Best Team provides to all our SWT Participants LycaMobile Sim Cards which include FREE UNLIMITED calls within the US and 10¢ and free fares for your home country*. And do not forget about UNLIMITED mobile internet everywhere in the United States.A customized plan will be chosen for you by your Best Team manager, in order to cover best your communication needs while you are in the USA.*Free fares for some countries only.